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Recent News

The Foundation is involved with activities throughout the year.  For the latest updates, please subscribe to the "Foundation Focus" quarterly newsletter.

Help Send a Kid to Camp! re-sized.png

October, 2018 --This fall, the RRPFI is collaborating with the City of Rockville to send kids to camp and other out of school time activities to help ensure children in our community can make treasured memories, while teaching them new skills, getting them to unplug, and keeping them productive. Tax deductible gifts are greatly appreciated.



Winter 2017:  Chris Bowers of Zen Budo Karate has donated his time as volunteer instructor for the Lincoln Park Karate Class.  RRPFI subsidized the cost of the students' uniforms, reducing the participants' cost by one half. 

September, 2017 -- RRPFI was delighted to contribute $8,000 to partner with the City of Rockville, the Rockville Football League, and Jerod Minnick of Natural Grass Solutions to renovate the athletic fields at Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park. The transition to a more durable Bermuda Grass will help to increase playing time for children in the community.



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